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Policy in Action- Sanitation

August 18, 2023

The Centre for Policy Research turns fifty this year. Fifty years in the service of Indian policymaking, of keeping a robust conversation between the government, policymakers and the Indian populace alive – this is indeed a moment of pride and reflection for us. As we celebrate this special milestone, we present some snippets of our impact on the Indian policy sphere over the years in various areas of research.

This edition of Policy in Action is dedicated to our work on Sanitation in India. In 2013, CPR’s Scaling City Institutions for India Initiative (SCI-FI) started its research and policy action on alternative governance and technical approaches to improving public health outcomes. At the time, even though two generations of public programs had supported sanitation in India, it was still globally known as amongst the weakest countries regarding sanitation outcomes. The work done by the SCI-FI initiative since then has significantly changed this scenario and has driven policy and social acceptance of alternative sanitation models including city and state-wide urban Faecal Sludge Management and Urban-Rural Convergence.

Here’s a snapshot of CPR’s work on sanitation over the years:

To know details about CPR’s work on Sanitation, you can visit our website at https://cprindia.org/researcharea/sanitation/ or the work of the Scaling City Institutions for India Initiative at https://cprindia.org/research/scaling-cities-institutions-for-india/

Stay tuned for our next pop-up edition of Policy in Action, coming soon!