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Political Mobilisation through Social Media

17 August 2017
Political Mobilisation through Social Media


Watch the full video (above) of a panel discussion on political mobilisation through social media, where the panelists discuss how social media has contributed to the political and social discourse since its emergence a little over a decade ago.

The panelists comprised:

  • Dhruv Arora, Digital and Strategic Communications Manager, Centre for Policy Research: Setting the context: how social media technology propagates binaries and drives political discourse
  • Parag Mohanty, Political Consultant: How political parties in India collect and use digital data for campaigning 
  • Bhanu Joshi, Research Associate, Centre for Policy Research: Campaign and political outcomes – notes from the field (from recent state elections in India)
  • Anshul Tewari: Founder, Youth ki Awaaz: The rise of fake news in India – its impact on political discourse and potential solutions
  • Apar Gupta: Lawyer and trustee, Internet Freedom Foundation: Regulation of social media, data privacy, and free speech
  • Tamseel Hussain: Public Engagement and Communications Consultant: Way forward: mobilising millennials and generation Z (13 to 17 years) through social media

The discussion was moderated by Richa Bansal, Director of Communications, Centre for Policy Research.

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