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Preparing for Paris

November 18, 2015

18 November 2015
Preparing for Paris


In early December, the nations of the world will meet in Paris to finalise the much anticipated renewal of the global climate agreement. The Climate Initiative at the Centre for Policy Research is organising a roundtable discussion on 20 November, in the build up to Paris, to examine India’s domestic interests and the resultant strategic implications for our negotiating approach to the Paris Agreement.

The discussion will be organised into two interactive panel discussions:

  • The first panel titled “Understanding Development-Climate Linkages: What are India’s Interests?“ will address the following questions: How does India’s INDC articulate the linkage between development and climate mitigation and adaptation? In particular, to what extent are there positive complementarities between the two and to what extent are there trade-offs?
  • The second panel titled “Leverage Up or Leverage Down? Exploring Elements of a Negotiating Approach”, will address the following questions: Should India seek to ‘leverage up’ the Paris Agreement to strengthen the top-down elements, and can we do so while ensuring our interests as a developing country with energy needs are met? Or should we be prepared to ‘leverage down’ the agreement, preserving space to use fossil fuels, but at the risk of weakening the global agreement?

Details of the event and the panelists can be found here.

Please visit “Toward A Robust Development Focused INDC For India” for more details and list of publications