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Sardar Patel and the Indian Administration

October 31, 2018

31 October 2018
Sardar Patel and the Indian Administration


This book documents Shri L P Singh’s lecture, delivered at the South Gujarat University in Surat 1986. It is a useful input in assuming both the role played by Sardar Patel and the evolution of the modern Indian state.

L P Singh emphasises that Sardar Vallabhai Patel played a crucial role in creating the post-independence nation in the precarious situation after the departure of the British. Even though his governmental tenure in Delhi was a relatively short one, he is considered one of the key architects of this phase. This interpretation of Sardar Patel’s role covered in this brief lecture points to the emergence of the administrative state in India. The strength and weakness of the Indian States have been of some debate in recent years and perhaps the debate will occupy more space as the adequacies and inadequacies of the state in India begin to affect our national growth and performance.

Mr Singh describes Sardar Patel as ‘the greatest statesman-administrator of Independent India’ and ‘ranks him with Ashoka and Akbar, as a unifier of the country’.

L P Singh, a Founder Member of the CPR was a former Home Secretary and former Governor of Assam and the North East.

Full book can be accessed here.