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Seminar on Cities and Flooding: The State of the Art

December 28, 2016
28 December 2016
Seminar on Cities and Flooding: The State of the Art

A number of major cities (Mumbai, Chennai, Sao Paolo, Hanoi, HCM City, Beijing, Shanghai, Jakarta etc.) of the world have been hit hard over the past few years with severe flooding events. How can policy makers ensure improved disaster preparedness in the future continues to be a key concern.

The talk (full video above) explores options for forward-looking operational assistance to policy makers and technical specialists in the rapidly expanding cities and towns of the developing world on how best to manage the risk of floods.

It takes a strategic approach, in which appropriate risk management measures are assessed, selected and integrated in a process that both informs and involves the full range of stakeholders. The speakers Abhas Jha and Kamal Kishore are senior experts in this field.

Access the question and answer session that followed the presentation here.

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