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Comments Sought on Draft Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Policy and Regulations

Kanchi Kohli

April 9, 2019

In early March, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) issued two notices seeking feedback on a Draft Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Policy (notice dated 9.3.2019) and a Draft Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Regulation (notice dated 10.3.2019). ‘TOD’ is an internationally accepted concept in urban planning to achieve various ends. It has also been part of Delhi’s Master Plan for at least 10 years.

CPR faculty and researchers in collaboration with Moulshri Joshi, Architect and Partner at Space Matters have sent a formal submission to the Delhi Development Authority (DDA). They highlighted specific areas of concern and requested for a widespread consultation on the policy before finalisation. In their submission they point to two specific contexts that the drafts ignore. One is Delhi’s multiple environmental crises related to air, water and waste which could be made worse by a proposal to unconditionally ‘densify’ the city. The other is that large parts of Delhi are already dense beyond the levels proposed by the TOD norms and these areas have received no attention from the policy.

The detailed submission can be read here.