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CPR comments on the Paris Agreement

We are happy to share with you the following comments from researchers at the Centre for Policy Research, an independent think tank based in New Delhi, on the Paris Agreement, a new climate accord that was approved by the nations of the world on Dec. 12th.

“Significantly for India, the Paris Agreement firmly anchors ‘differentiation’ for developing countries – the idea that developed and developing countries have different responsibilities and capabilities. It systematically reflects differentiation across the various aspects of climate action – mitigation, adaptation, and support. Developed countries are expected to take the lead on mitigation and support, while developing countries are expected to take actions within the context of their sustainable development and poverty eradication imperatives” said Lavanya Rajamani, Professor at the Centre for Policy Research.
“As a large developing country with little historic responsibility for the problem and considerable energy needs, this was an important outcome for India.”

“As a vulnerable country, achieving a climate deal is important for India,” added Navroz K. Dubash, Senior Fellow and Coordinator of CPR’s Climate Initiative. “Various mechanisms have been put in place to enhance actions by countries over time – systematic updates of country actions every five years, a global ‘stocktake’ and provisions for a review process. While India should certainly do its part, it is important that these mechanisms keep pressure on developed countries for more ambitious actions, to allow countries like India the carbon space to meet our development needs.

“The Paris Agreement kicks off a long-term global process involving every country in the world,” said Radhika Khosla, Fellow at CPR. “It would be in India’s interest to establish a consistent and ongoing process to analyse and update Indian energy and climate policy in order to safeguard our future development and climate interests in the negotiations.”

CPR is holding a discussion on the Paris Agreement on 18th December 2015. Please click here for details and to RSVP.