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Ideas from the Centre: Celebrating 48 Years of CPR

November 2, 2021
2 November 2021
Ideas from the Centre: Celebrating 48 Years of CPR


The Centre for Policy Research (CPR) completes 48 years on 2 November 2021. In this special episode of India Speak: The CPR Podcast, Mukta Naik (Fellow, CPR) speaks to Yamini Aiyar (President and Chief Executive, CPR) about her impressions of CPR’s journey, her vision for CPR in the years to come, the institute’s research agenda, impact, experiences and more.

Aiyar reflects on how CPR has remained relevant through the years with path-breaking multisectoral research. She discusses CPR’s core values of strict non-partisanship and fierce independence and ways in which the institute can deepen its engagements to contribute to the development of 21st-century India. She also highlights the challenges CPR faces, the need for deep and long-term engagement with ideas and research for effective policy implementation and the importance of democratic argumentation and dialogue.