One Year of Modi

21 May 2015
One Year of Modi
An analysis

A year later, as Modi’s performance is being extensively deliberated, CPR faculty present a multi-faceted, critical analysis.

  • Pratap Bhanu Mehta writes in the Financial Express that while the prime minister continues to remain popular, the government looks very ordinary, tripping on “execution and detail”.
  • In his piece Well begun is not half done, Rajiv Kumar presents an economic analysis, suggesting how Modi can “move quickly to reignite the private investment cycle”.
  • Sanjaya Baru, in When the traveller returns, re-emphasizes the need to focus on economy in year two. He writes that the yardstick by which the world will come to measure India in the years ahead will depend on how her “economy performs and polity managed".
  • Yamini Aiyar, in Policy goes missing amid slogans, writes that while there has been plenty of sloganeering over the past year, the  fact is that there is no political consensus on the shape of the welfare state. This becomes particularly relevant given the squeeze in social sector spending in the 2015-16 Budget.
  • In Pushing the envelope in foreign policy in 'The Hindu', Srinath Raghavan assesses the government’s foreign policy approach in its first year, contextualizing it historically.
  • Brahma Chellaney in the Open Magazine discusses the key features of Modi’s foreign policy that is “taking India from non-alignment to multi-alignment". 
  • In The Quint, Bharat Karnad writes how the defence sector in India wants a “visionary” Modi, while in No Time to Lose for Modi to Arrest Slide after Promises in 'The New Indian Express', he explains why Modi’s first year has been marked by “steady under-performance, legacy programmes dressed in new rhetoric, and shoddy implementation”. 

The views shared belong to individual faculty and researchers and do not represent an institutional stance on the issue.