Cities of Delhi research findings inform policy debate

21 August 2015
Cities of Delhi research findings inform policy debate
Full dissemination on 26 August

At least half of Delhi’s residents are estimated to be living in informal settlements, including jhuggi jhopri clusters, resettlement colonies, and unauthorised colonies. However, there is little assessment of their day-to-day experiences and interaction with state agencies.

The Cities of Delhi project at CPR addresses this critical need through its research, and, in particular, researcher Shahana Sheikh engaged in the public debate surrounding regularisation of unauthorised colonies in the lead-up to the Delhi election. Please find below a summary of this historical media outreach:

With the aim of informing policy, the Cities of Delhi project will disseminate its findings during a two-day conference called 'Urban Transformations in India'. For full details, visit the dedicated page and read an overview of the project findings in this report.

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