CPR Election Adda: 'How to Win an Election'

30 April 2019
CPR Election Adda: 'How to Win an Election'

Watch the full video of the second CPR Election Adda discussion on 'How to Win an Election' featuring Abeer Kapoor and Oshin Lakhani, moderated by Rahul Verma. 

The strategies and games that govern Indian politics have often been discussed but only very recently have they been 'gamified'. Abeer Kapoor sheds light on how he modelled his board game 'The Poll' on the real life twists and turns that follow an election in India as well as his experience taking the game across India to play in colleges. 

Abeer Kapoor is the creator of 'The Poll: The Great Indian Election Game'. Oshin Lakhani is an Intern at CPR. Rahul Verma is a Fellow at CPR. 

The views shared belong to individual faculty and researchers and do not represent an institutional stance on the issue.