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21 October 2016
The BRICS Summit


Both in the run-up to, and post the BRICS summit, faculty at CPR have commented on it analysing the potential (with a special focus on India-China relations) and the outcomes. Find below a curated analysis.

  • In the run-up to the BRICS summit, Srinath Raghavan historically analyses the India-China relationship over seven decades in the Hindustan Timesstating that both countries need to show ‘mutual restraint’ to arrest ongoing deterioration in ties, spurred by wider issues that go beyond bilateral disputes.
  • Shaym Saran too historically contextualises the India-China relationship in the Business Standard, commenting on how its strategic and global dimension has weakened over the last decade, arguing that India must build her internal ‘economic and security capabilities’, and begin to close the power gap with China.
  • Commenting on the BRICS summit, Brahma Chellaney writes on how the Goa summit was a reminder that the BRICS countries were ‘yet to devise a common action plan to go forward’, in order to have any collective international influence.
  • G Parthasarathy also analyses the BRICS summit, commenting on India’s achievement of giving new momentum to relations with Russia, while questioning India’s strategy to address Chinese intentions of containing her.