Policy Briefs & Reports

Pump Up: Towards Achieving Financial and Environmental Sustainability Among Privately Operated Desludging Businesses in India

Anindita Mukherjee, Shubhagato Dasgupta, Kshitij Jaiswal, Arushi Gupta

Centre for Policy Research

May 1, 2020

The SCI-FI-BMGF partnership primarily focused to improve the understanding of the reasons for poor sanitation, and to examine how these might be related to technology and service delivery models, institutions, governance and financial issues, and socio-economic dimensions. Based on research findings, it seeks to support national, state and city authorities develop policies and programmes for intervention with the goal of increasing access to inclusive, safe and sustainable sanitation.

The current business models could easily be integrated into formal setup by mandating a few guidelines based on the recommendations elucidated in this study and building on the knowledge generated by academicians, experts and civil society organisations. Such multipronged interventions are expected to provide better financial as well as environmental sustainability to all the stakeholders in the FSSM business, which translates to better service provision to customers of the business.