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Citizenship Amendment Act- Protests, Democracy & Politics: Lessons from Latin America

Yamini Aiyar

January 16, 2020

Listen to the 31st episode of the CPR podcast, ThoughtSpace (above) featuring Patrick Heller (Professor of Sociology and International and Public Affairs, Brown University) and Yamini Aiyar (President and Chief Executive, CPR).


The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was recently passed in both houses of the Indian parliament, triggering large-scale protests across the country. What does the act mean for the future of Indian democracy? How do we understand the on-going protests and what are some of the political, economic and social implications of this movement?

In this mini-series curated by the CPR, we unpack these questions and shed light on what the next few months can have in store.


The passage of the CAA led to agitations across the country. Since December 15, thousands of students, activists and ordinary people are out on the streets every day in every city. Latin American countries including Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia and most recently Colombia have experienced turmoil too. What are the parallels we can draw between the two regions? What do these protests say about the state of democracy across the world? And what are some of the lessons we can learn about peoples’ movements? In this episode, Yamini Aiyar speaks with Patrick Heller who sheds light on the subject.