Mandakini Chandra


Mandakini Chandra was a Research Associate at the Initiative on Climate, Energy and Environment (ICEE) at the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi. Her research explores climate mitigation policies and targets, the impacts of climate change in South Asia, and the political narrative around air quality governance in India. She has also managed outreach activities for CPR-ICEE’s publications and events, worked on the production and dissemination of edited volumes on climate, energy and environmental law, and curated the team’s digital communications presence.

In her previous role, Mandakini worked at the World Resources Institute – India (WRI-India) in Mumbai as a consultant in the Climate Resilience practice, where she co-authored a working paper on the Urban Community Resilience Assessment (UCRA), a framework for city planners to measure differentiated needs for climate resilience in low-income, climate-vulnerable communities. She has held internships at Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project in Montreal and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in Uganda. Mandakini graduated from McGill University in 2017 with an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc.) in Sustainability, Science and Society. She tweets at @Mandakini_C.



Initiative on Climate, Energy & Environment

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