Manish was a Senior Research Associate at CPR and a graduate of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. His interests lie at the intersection of regulatory and administrative processes with issues of social justice, human rights and constitutional law. His research at CPR has covered a range of questions around urban governance, citizenship, and the welfare state, including internal migration and protection of the rights of migrants; urban poverty and its links with informal labour, affordable housing, and homelessness; regulation of manual scavenging and sanitation work; and the legal architecture of urban public transport.

Manish is also a member of the Delhi Housing Rights Task Force, a collective of organisations and individuals that works on issues of basti evictions and slum rehabilitation in Delhi, since 2015. He has previously worked at the National Law University, Delhi on a field study evaluating the functioning of the criminal justice process, and a project researching hate speech and media law; and with the Centre for Social Justice, Ahmedabad where he led research and capacity building in interventions aimed at securing access to justice for marginalised communities.



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