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The future of the New Education Policy

Kiran Bhatty

November 13, 2015


The Public Accountability and Governance in Education (PAGE) project at CPR has written a series of policy briefs and analytical articles in the run-up to the New Education Policy (NEP), 2015, to be announced next month.

The NEP will be revised after more than a decade, and will be critical in defining access to and unversalisation of quality education, going forward.For a more detailed understanding of the processes and issues, read below:

Policy brief exploring how the NEP will impact school education: School Education in New Education Policy.
Policy brief analysing the importance of the no-detention policy and continuous and comprehensive evaluation, which is part of the RTE: No-Detention Policy and Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.
Opinion pieces by Kiran Bhatty:
On the importance of consulting experts in the process of framing the Policy: Don’t Make Experts the Enemy in Framing a New Education Policy.
On a complete lack of a systematic assessment of the problems in the school sector to accurately inform the NEP: You Can’t Get the New Education Policy Right by Asking the Wrong Questions.