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CORP Seminar: Towards Furthering Action Research for Sanitation Workers’ Safety


Watch the full video (above) of the session ‘Socio-legal, technical and financial knowledge base: Evidence and practice’ featuring Ravikant Joshi, Raj Bhushan Roy, Nirat Bhatnagar, Tripti Singh, Manish, Devashish Deshpande, Nilanjana Bhattacharjee and Marie-Hélène Zérah.

The seminar had two thematic sessions. The first session discussed insights from the field to build an understanding of social, legal, technical and financial issues and challenges sanitation workers face, and also deliberated on the ground challenges of bringing sanitary workers into alternative livelihood options. This was followed by a session that focussed on developing an Action Research Agenda for Future for the Indian context and explore possible solutions to improve sanitation workers’ safety. Through this CORP seminar, we aimed to build a shared understanding of the issues and challenges faced by sanitation workers’ and developed future research agenda for furthering action research in order to identify gaps and strengthen evidence to improve sanitation workers’ safety.

The session brought together senior researchers, practitioners and experts to share their insights on various aspects of action-based research pertaining to the issues and challenges that the sanitation worker faces.

Speakers for the session:

Ravikant Joshi, Urban Management Centre

Raj Bhushan Roy, WaterAid India

Nirat Bhatnagar, Dalberg Advisors

Tripti Singh, Centre for Policy Research

Manish, Centre for Policy Research

Nilanjana Bhattacharjee, PRIA

Devashish Deshpande, Centre for Policy Research

The session was moderated by Marie-Hélène Zérah, IRD, and Centre for Policy Research.

The second session on ‘Solutions and Action Research Agenda for Future to Improve Sanitation Workers’ Safety’ featuring Ravikant Joshi, Raj Bhushan Roy, Ambarish Karunanithi, Anahitaa Bakshi, Devashish Deshpande, Shashi Shikha, VR Raman and Anju Dwivedi can be accessed here.

About the Series

This is the 18th in a series of the Community of Research and Practice (CORP) seminar hosted by the Scaling City Institution for India: Sanitation (SCI-FI: Sanitation) initiative with the support of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). This seminar series seeks to provide a platform for discussing the experiences of the researchers and practitioners on urban sanitation.

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